About 2020 UTME CBT Practice KIT Software

This Software is to prepare the Student Ahead of the JAMB 2019/2020 CBT Examination. This software is programmed in a easy and user friendly way

This Software is the best for CBT EXAM practice, its coded in a platform JAMB Uses every year in building their examination software

This Software Comprises of allmost all you need, which include, JAMB BROCHRE, JAMB SYLABUSS and all JAMB tools

Advantages of the Software

  • It Prepares You Ahead the Upcoming JAMB CBT Examination and Any Examination so far
  • It helps you maintain the time you use and make you faster in Calculation
  • It has the same calculator has embedded in normal JAMB CBT
  • It has almost all you need to Excel in the Upcoming JAMB Examination
  • Lot more Check out the cool stuff your Self