Curse of La Llorona Scores Lowest Conjuring Opening (But Is Still A Hit)

The Curse of La Llorona scored the lowest opening weekend in the Conjuringfilm franchise, but it’s still a box office hit. Beginning in 2013 with the original movie, the property has become one of Warner Bros.’ most successful cash cows this decade. In addition to two mainline entries, there have been multiple spinoffs, like Annabelle and The Nun, that helped flesh out the shared universe further. The Curse of La Llorona is the latest side story, marking the sixth installment overall in the franchise.

Since the film was by no means a critical darling (though some found enjoyment in it), La Llorona wasn’t expected to take over the multiplex during its first three days. Perhaps due to it opening right before Avengers: Endgame, projections for La Llorona were low, coming in at about $16.9 million. However, it was able to far exceed those estimates and come out on top at the box office.

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