Character is the behavioural aspect of man. This include ways of behaving, manners, attitude, mood and other habits of human being. CHARACTER could either be good or bad. Mainly in Africa especially in Nigeria, people think those that should value character most are women because they will be married out  of their biological family to another family. It is also use for defining man, it is useful for both man and woman.


These are the  qualities that can be found in man before he can be regarded to as a good man; humbleness, kindness, trustworthy, honesty, humility, loyalty, integrity among others. These qualities gives man a good definition.


Hatred ,greediness ,pride, lust, gossip, frivolous talk, laziness, indolence and many more are called bad character or  habit that defines man to be a bad person.



This could also be refer to as character, it can be inherit or adapt depending on individual or background for example a child raised in domestic violence home will surely inherit out of his/her parents character towards each other.



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