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WHAT IS INDEPENDENT?. Independent means total freedom.So what is total freedom?. Total freedom is when an individual is free from all sort of oppression ,disturbances or interference from somebody that he/she sees as his/her superior.Nigeria as a typical example fought for her independence from its colonial master who have been enslaving them for long in […]


WHAT IS DOMESTIC?. Domestic has to deal with family affairs both spiritual,physical,mental and financial. WHAT IS VIOLENCE?. Challenges or problems at its peak i.e when it is threatening the life of individual involved in such issue. WHAT IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE?. An attempt made by an individual to hurt /kill another person.It is the intention or […]

How to do away with fake news

Fake news is also known as rumor, then the question should be  what is rumor?. Rumor is unreal,imaginative,cook-up story made up by some individuals to elevate some set of people and to downgrade some.It is a tool of propaganda mainly used by politicians just to have many people at their side than their opponent.It is […]


What is  music?.Music is not just an ordinary entertainment but a life instrument used by many to remain alive.When you are less busy and have nothing doing, get a music of your interest either gospel,hip hop,juju,fuji among others to remain lively.Dancing is a substantial tool to enjoy any music of your choice. Not everybody can […]

Curse of La Llorona Scores Lowest Conjuring Opening (But Is Still A Hit)

The Curse of La Llorona scored the lowest opening weekend in the Conjuringfilm franchise, but it’s still a box office hit. Beginning in 2013 with the original movie, the property has become one of Warner Bros.’ most successful cash cows this decade. In addition to two mainline entries, there have been multiple spinoffs, like Annabelle and The Nun, that helped flesh out […]

Easter Weekend Box Office Worst in Over A Decade

This weekend’s box office was the worst Easter weekend the industry has seen in nearly 15 years. With few high profile film releases, the weekend box office failed to perform as well as holiday weekends typically do. The biggest release this past week was Warner Bros. and New Line’s The Curse of La Llorona, the newest spin-off installment in the Conjuring horror […]