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Some Women Menstruate Twice In A Month-SOLUTION

WHAT IS MENSTRUATION? Menstruation happens between 3-5 days  in woman/ladies or girls.This is the release/discharge of blood in the vagina of a woman on monthly basis, it started at the age of 13-15 years old of a female child that is when they are  reaching puberty stage. WHAT IS OVULATION PERIOD? This period  is the […]


WHAT IS MARRIAGE?. Marriage is the union between two people i.e, male and female that are  involved in strong relationship, sharing the same view ,interest and goal. Both economically, spiritually, physically, mentally, academically and in other spheres of life.This relationship must solely be centered on love not any other thing like money, status, influence, position, […]


WHAT IS RAPE?,HOW IS RAPE DIFFER FROM SEXUAL ASSAULT?.   RAPE is any sexual action mostly forceful, made by an individual to another individual without the person’s approval/consent,it could be with sharp object. Also a country can be rape,in the sense that another nation will come and raid every good things in such country. Though […]


Suicide is any attempt of taken one’s life by him or herself because of some surrounded circumstances like bad parenting,poverty,illiteracy,bad friend,relationship, smoking and drinking, pressure. Do not think of suicide when you are going through a lot, is not your end and some have been involved in such situation before, do not think there is […]


Pregnancy brings about many changes in women generally, both young and old.Firstly what is PREGNANCY?.Pregnancy is a period of time when women or ladies conceive  another offspring(baby) in them.   WHAT ARE THE  EARLY SYMPTOMS OF  PREGNANCY?. Early symptoms of pregnancy is as follows; Sleeping, eating too much food than usual, waking early from bed, […]


Gospel means good news. Good news is any message heard that gives you joy,happiness and relieve you of your pain.From Christians’ perspective good news refers to the bible,the holy book that tells what has happened in the past,what is happening now and what is to happen in the days to come.It can also be refer […]