Pregnancy brings about many changes in women generally, both young and old.Firstly what is PREGNANCY?.Pregnancy is a period of time when women or ladies conceive  another offspring(baby) in them.



Early symptoms of pregnancy is as follows;

Sleeping, eating too much food than usual, waking early from bed, leg swollen,face swollen, get angry at any small thing, feeling tired all the time, laziness, temperature.

HOW  YOU CAN REDUCE THE EFFECT SYMPTOMS?. You can only reduce the effect of these symptoms,  you can never get rid of it because it will surely come either one or two. So how do you deal with it?.

Sleep when it is necessary not all the time.

Take your bath thrice a day  to avoid heat.

Eat balanced diet not any food you see.

Drink enough of water.

Go for exercise on daily basis to remain fit.

Free yourself with people around you to ease yourself of pregnancy tension.

Eat egg and fruit to supply your baby with adequate nutrition.

Stop been aggressive to people around you just in the name of your condition.

Try and be busy all the time to avoid any thought that can leads to depression or laziness.

Be in good health all the time.